Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Download "Telegram Messenger" App on Your Mobile Phone to Join the FlowTribe Training Club on Telegram.

This will be our main communication channel where we help you stay on track, announce LIVE Trainings, answer your questions, and support you in reaching your goals. This is where 99% of ALL our communication will be.  

Step 2: Click The Link Below if You Are Holding Your Phone in Your Hands Right Now or type in the URL below. 

Connect and get personal support from Mike and the Flowtribe community who are doing the work, evolving the body and mind, and stepping into what they truly are. Write a short msg or make a video (even better) and introduce yourself to the group. Your name, where your from, and what your goals are in Flowtribe, and anything you feel called to share. 


Join the Flowtribe Training Club Channel

Step 3: Read here how to Navigate in the FlowTribe Community to Get the Most Out of Your FlowTribe Membership.


How the FlowTribe Community Works

Step 4: Start your 30/30 Flow Challenge.

Watch the video and print out the 30 Day Flow Challenge Chart. You can find the download link below the video. Fill out the questionnaire and do your first practice. 60 min, 30 min, or 7 min. 

Everyday after you do your flow practice, post a msg in the group chat. This is the best way to use the group to help with your training! You can either post

“60 min Flow Practice done” or "May 1st - day 22 - 60 min flow done"

Writing out the date and the day helps you track your progress a little more but it’s entirely up to you.

Start the 30 Day Flow Challenge