A Quick Summary of Our FlowTribe Community, a Group of the Most Amazing and Positive People I’ve Connected With ❀️


The FlowTribe Community is a place where we support one another, learn new information, chat and share with like minded people who have similar goals, and support each other to stay accountable to our daily morning practices.


1. Everyday after you do your flow practice, post a message letting the group know. This is the best way to use the group to help with your training! You can either post

“60 min flow done”  or
"May 1st - day 22 - 60 min flow done"

Writing out the date and the day just helps you track your progress a little more but it’s entirely up to you.

My team and I are tracking the consistency of each persons practice based on the “practice done msg” being posted so please remember to send a msg after practice everyday.

Of course, this is completely optional and as a member, your always welcome in this community. This simple accountability system of posting a quick msg everyday after your practice is so simple yet EXTREMELY effective for helping members (and myself) stay consistent. 😊


3. You are not responsible to keep up with all the conversations, people’s questions and post. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW. Sometimes you just want to pop in and post that you did your practice and that’s perfect. You may have other things to attend to. And sometimes you want to connect with your friends and tribe members to say What’s Up. That's cool too!


If you just like to post your practice real quick and “avoid the scrolling” there’s a button on the bottom right corner with an arrow pointing downwards. Hit that button and it’ll take you automatically to the bottom.


4. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. (I’m on here daily to support and help πŸ™and so are a lot of the members)

I’ll usually answer thru text, audio, or video

This tribe has become more and more like a family to me, a group of people that I can share and trust that are all aligned in similar goals and values. I assure you that I will always do my best to support this community. πŸ™β€οΈ

Mike Chang