Become 1% happier each day

And get in the best shape of your life


Apply now for my 60 Day Body-Mind Transformation program where I will help you transform your entire physique and create a mindset to become 1% happier every day.



Program starts on October 3rd, 2022 
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Get in the best shape of your life
And become 1% happier each day

Apply to be 1 of 20 people in my 60-Day Body Mind Transformation where I will help you transform your entire physique and create a mindset to become 1% happier every day.

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Program starts on October 3rd, 2022

I am currently interviewing people who are serious about getting back in shape and leveling up their mindset.

This is a private group training workshop where for the next 60 days, you will work very closely with me and the other members to train your body every day, tap deep within your mental programming and become the best version of yourself.  If this is you and you are willing to put in the work and challenge yourself, then skip reading the rest of the website and go ahead and reserve a spot in my program. This program is not for people who are looking to learn information on how to transform themselves. This program is for people who are READY TO TAKE ACTION NOW, get out of their comfort zone and do what it takes to experience massive changes in their physical body and mindset in 60 days.

"You have the power to choose at every moment how your life will be. Make a new choice and watch your life transform"

What people are saying about their experience


What is the 60-Day Body-Mind Transformation Program?

It’s everything I learned and experienced over 25 years in fitness, coaching, and entrepreneurship condensed into an 8-week online live workshop to help you get in the best shape of your life and experience higher levels of happiness and inner peace.  


You will be doing Flow Training practices every day to strengthen and transform your body while disciplining your mind. There will be different assignments on a weekly basis to help you become aware of your mental and emotional programming and change those that are not beneficial for you anymore.  You will be a part of our daily group chat where we all check in every day to ensure everyone is on the right track and provide support for those that need it. This program is as close to inviting you to stay with me at my house for 60 days where I train and coach you every day. 

āœ“ This program is RIGHT for you if you are:

  • Sick and tired of feeling low energy, sluggish, being out of shape and are ready to do whatever it takes to transform your body
  • Realize that you are not living to your fullest potential and you need support to break free from old patterns and ways of thinking
  • Done with just chasing money and success and seeking a deeper sense of self and inner fulfillment

If this is you, then I urge you to reserve your spot now. 

āŒ Who this program is NOT for:

  • You are thinking about making a change but still “on the fence” about committing to it
  • If you believe that you are trapped within your life circumstances and don’t have the power to change 
  • If you don’t have a super strong WHY for the need to make big changes in your life at the moment 
  • If you are not willing to become open to new daily habits and perspectives 

If these things are where you're at at the moment, it's all good. You may not want to apply for this program right now because it will require more commitment and energy than what you are willing to put out. Just remember that you are responsible for everything that is happening in your life and you have the power to choose differently at every moment in your life. 

What will you gain at the end of this program?

  1. Massive transformation in your physique
  2. A sense of mental peace and contentment wellness
  3. A new approach to nutrition so you never have to do another diet again
  4. Released old mental programming and adopted new empowering ways of thinking 
  5. More confidence and trust in yourself 
  6. Ability to express authentically without worrying about other people’s opinions

Program starts on October 3rd, 2022 
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What other people are saying about their experience


This Limited Time BONUS Will Not Last...

1 Year of Weekly Live Coaching and Training Sessions ($20'000 Value)


This is not a typo.  If you are reading this, then that means that I am still offering this at the moment. As part of the 60 Day Body-Mind Transformation Program, you will get an additional 365 days of LIVE coaching and training sessions (zoom calls) with me personally ONCE A WEEK after the 60 days are over. That means you get to train with me live once a week on zoom where we get to interact and chat during the training sessions as if I am there with you.  After the training, we go into a coaching session so you can get ongoing support on what you gained after completing the 60 Day Body Mind Transformation Program.  All videos will be recorded so you can watch them later at anytime. 

The reason I am giving away so much of my time and energy to you by committing to providing support for 1 year after the program is because I know you will benefit so much from it. Certain changes can happen really quickly and others take time.  My passion is helping people like you transform your body and mind and I believe in the law of reciprocity. The more you give, the more comes back to you.  In the future, I will have to charge for this but if you join this program now, you will receive 365 days of coaching and training at no additional cost even if this is not being offered anymore. You have my word on that. 

Program starts on October 3rd, 2022 


Reserve Your Spot and Claim the Limited Time Bonus

Mike Chang on Fitness, Health, and Expanding Consciousness

Mike Chang was the creator of Six Pack Shortcuts, the most subscribed-to fitness channel on Youtube up until he left in 2015 with 4 mil+ subscribers, over 500 million views. His simplistic approach to fitness and transformation changed the lives of millions across the world. 

Although his success as a trainer and an 8 figure entrepreneur created everything that he had ever dreamed of, like wealth, fame, and material possessions, inside he longed for a deeper sense of fulfillment and decided to pursue a path in self realization in 2015. 

He received a second chance at life when he experienced an extraordinary awakening experience that led him down the next 7 years of his life focusing on mastering his mind and studying a vast array of tools from Qi Gong, Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, and above all, flow states.

He has returned and alchemized these findings into the ultimate transformational system called Flow 60 that develops muscle, endurance and flexibility while also changing the energetic state within a person’s body to support in breaking free from fear, trauma, and the limits of the mind into deep states of flow. Mike currently trains a handful of private clients, including some of the leading CEOs in Silicon Valley.


Experience a Permanent Transformation

Most people quickly forget most of what they learn and never get to apply it to their life. In the 60 Day Body-Mind Transformation, we focus on the entire process needed for real transformation: LEARN > APPLY > IMPRINT.  We will go through this entire process over and over during the program to create powerful lasting changes in your mind, body, emotions, and soul.


Learning and understanding information mentally. This is done thru Video Lessons, Workbook, Interaction with other students, and Live Sessions


Expressing what you have learned through your words, action, feeling and receiving feedback to continue the learning process. This is done through Role Play Exercises and Games, Contemplation and Self-Realization


Reprogramming your subconscious mind and your state of being, to permanently change the way your body feels. This is done through repetitive action using Daily Flow Practices (physical training), Meditation, and Readings

Whether you have a lot of time each day or just a little, it's important to get started NOW. 


Results come from action. Not from thinking, planning, wanting, trying, hoping and talking. 

One of the most common things I hear from people is:

  • “I don’t have the time but I want to do it”
  • “Once I’m done doing this thing, I’ll be ready to start”
  • "I'm am ready to start, but I just haven’t yet…” 

There is never a perfect time to go after what you want in life.  No one is going to do the work for you.  Whether you have a lot of time each day or just a little, it's important to get started now. This program is all about taking continuous action right now towards getting in the best shape of your life and cultivating your mental state for more happiness. Don’t get stuck in the endless mental loop of thinking about your goals rather than doing it. 

You have the power to change your life. And the time to do it is now. 

Program starts on October 3rd, 2022
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What students are saying about working with Mike

Mike is a great coach and mentor, genuinely happy to dig deep into our inner worlds to find ways for us to thrive

Besides greatly helping me finding ways to cope with all the emotional and physical aspects of surgery, Flow has become a lifestyle for me. I’m always looking forward to practice. My body feels much lighter. My energy has significantly improved. My mind is more at ease. And I can breath so much better. Mike has been a great coach and mentor. He is so genuinely happy to connect with us and dig deep into our inner worlds to help us understanding ourselves better and finding ways to thrive and live life free of pain and fear. We all deserve to live in flow and harmony. Don’t think twice and join, you and your body deserve it!"

- Eden Trejo

Mike went above and beyond to help me uncover all of the different sides of me that were holding me back

"Working with Mike was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. He went above and beyond what I paid for to help me uncover all of the different sides of me that were holding me back. But more than that, he truly cared about seeing me succeed and I guarantee that if you are willing to put in the work he will do the same for you. If you have the opportunity to work with him, don’t think twice. The things he teaches will bleed over into all other areas of your life."

- Alejandro Sobrino 

For the first time in years, I feel ALIVE

I am trying to think of a word I could use to summarize what flow has done for me. And what comes to mind is one word and it is “ALIVE”. The Flow practice has allowed me to become more in tune and aware with my body and its movements. For the first time in years, I feel ALIVE. Flow is more than a workout, it is a lifestyle. It’s fun and it is a healthy habit that I have been able to cement into my life daily which is something I struggled with before. When I first started, my goals were to get lean and this practice has expanded my list of goals drastically and I am so grateful for that. Flow practice is something I will be doing for the rest of my life. I love it and everything it represents."

- Jerome Samuel

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