Experience Profound Transformation for Your

Body, Mind, and Emotions.



May 25th - June 1st, 2025 
7 Nights. 8 Days.


Are you ready to own your power and

step into your authentic self?

The Flow60 Retreat is your invitation to:

‚úď Optimise¬†your Physical Health, Increase Energy Levels and Transform your Body

‚úď Reset your State of Mind to be Calm, Relaxed and Centered

‚ústBreak Free from Old Patterns and Ways of Thinking

‚úď Gain a Deeper Understanding of Self

‚ústStart Living to your Fullest Potential

¬†‚úď Create new Relationships and make Friends for Life

¬†‚ústExplore the Magical Island of Bali and its Culture

Flow60, the all-in one practice for 

Body, Mind, and Emotions

 Gain Greater Inner Peace


Combine Tap Massage,
Strength Training, Stretching,
Breathing and Meditation 


Workout your Body in
60mins or less 


Release Negative Emotions


Enjoy at any Age or Fitness Level


Create a Daily Routine with Morning
and Evening Practice


About Your Host - Mike Chang

Few experiences can match the impact of being in the presence of Mike Chang. You have the opportunity to learn firsthand from a true master in personal development during this 7 day Flow60 retreat. Mike will guide you through daily exercises, masterclasses and workshops, coaching you on your specific goals, sharing his own experiences, and providing invaluable insights that will impact your life. Join this week-long immersive experience and be prepared to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to achieve extraordinary results.

Mike Chang, the former creator of Six Pack Shortcuts, revolutionized fitness with his simplistic approach, impacting millions worldwide. After achieving wealth and fame, he sought deeper fulfillment and embarked on a journey of self-realization in 2015. A life-altering awakening led him to dedicate the next 7 years to mastering his mind and exploring Qi Gong, Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, and flow states. Now, he has synthesized his discoveries into Flow60, an ultimate transformational system.

This life-changing experience will totally renew your energy, purpose in life, and sense of self so you can come back feeling supercharged to accomplish your goals.

What your average Retreat Day may look like


Morning Practice

Recovery (optional)- Hot Tube / Ice Bath



9:30am - 4:00pm
Interactive Masterclass and Workshops including lunch

Evening Practice


Fire Pit Gatherings and Discussions

Wind Down and Bedtime

 ✨ We will also be taking a full-day trip exploring the island of Bali. Connecting with Nature, Beach Time, Going out for Dinners, Ecstatic Dance, plus a Closing Flow Retreat Celebration ... ✨
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Join us during the Retreat for


Every morning, we wake up and do the morning Flow60 practice to activate your energy, connect to your body, and expand your mind. Every evening, we do the night version of this practice to release tension, promote relaxation and ease so you can get the best sleep ever.


 We have live workshops like emotional integration exercises to forgive, release and let go of the past, so you can be free to create your the desired future of your dreams.


There are a variety of subjects and lessons that will be discussed. From helping you uncover certain belief systems that are limiting or holding you back in life to unlocking a state of flow, these masterclasses are designed to alter your state of consciousness.


Create the deep connections your heart has been longing for with like-minded individuals and begin to cultivate beautiful friendships for life. 


Discover what your life would be like without the limitations of fear, failures, or judgments. Redesign your life the way you have always dreamed it would be.


Connect deep within yourself and realize that you are already the person you have been waiting for all your life. Fully accept who you are, embrace it all, and embody the natural state of love and peace that has always been inside of you


It's Wednesday evening, everyone is sober, the music starts playing and you surrender to the captivating rhythm, liberate your body, and connect with a vibrant community. Embark on a journey of ecstatic self-expression, a sober experience that leaves you buzzing with pure, ecstatic bliss.


Explore lush jungles and beautiful waterfalls, rev up an ATV for exhilarating rides, and conquer rapids during a thrilling water rafting experience to discover the hidden beauty of Bali firsthand. Unleash your inner adventurer and create unforgettable memories!


Immerse in a traditional water purification ritual where a local priest guides you through ancient ceremonies, as the sacred waters cleanse your spirit. Feel deeply connected, open your eyes to the rich culture the island of the gods has to offer, and live your own eat pray love adventure.

Beachfront Retreat Location

Experience Bali Nature & Luxury.

The coming Flow60 retreat will be taking place in a breathtaking beachfront resort that will fill every inch of your soul with joy and well-being. With a spectacular outlook over the Indian Ocean, offering stunning views, where ocean and ricefield become one. The beachfront yoga shala and the on-site luxury tented accommodations are just a few of the highlights of this exceptional location. Located just 25 minutes north of Canggu, the island's most popular tourist area, countless cafés, shops, bars, and restaurants are easily accessible.

Room Configurations

All Rooms are on-site and come with an En-suite Bathroom, stunning Garden View, Air-Conditioning, Daily Housekeeping, and Wifi. 

You can choose between a shared room and your own, private tent:

The Shared Room

You will share a spacious room with one or two other retreat participants. You will each have a single bed and a shared en-suite bathroom and balcony. This has shown to be a great opportunity to create a deep bond and friendship between two participants.

The Private Room

You will have a room with a king bed and en-suite bathroom to yourself. 

The Private Room Deluxe

Enjoy your¬†private, bigger room with a king-size bed, desk and terrace with a swing sofa‚Äč entirely to yourself.

What's included in the Retreat?

  • 8 Days and 7 Nights Accommodation at Luxury Beachfront Venue
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the Retreat Venue
  • Daily Beachfront Morning Flow60 Practices with Mike Chang
  • Daily Beachfront¬†Evening Flow60 Practices with Mike Chang
  • Letting Go¬†Burn Ceremony
  • Week-long Ice Bath /¬†Hot Tub
  • Powerful Masterclasses with Mike Chang
  • Sunrise and Sunset Walking Meditations at the Beach
  • Reading of your Soul's Energy by a Balinese Healer
  • Community Connections
  • Partner Step and Ground Massage Workshops¬†
  • Breathwork and Bodywork Sessions with Guest Facilitators
  • Kirtan Event with the famous Ellen Arthur
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Ubud Waterfall and Jungle Hike
  • Rafting¬†or ATV Adventure
  • Balinese Water Purification Ceremony
  • Closing Retreat Celebration: Dinner, Karaoke, Activities, Fire Pit and more
  • Transportation to Selected Locations
  • Week-long Gym access
  • Flow60¬†Work Book
  • PLUS so much more...
The Shared Room


2-3 participants in a room. For your comfort, each person has a separate single bed.

$4500 USD /person
The Private Room


A space to enjoy your own room with a king-size bed entirely to yourself.

$6500 USD /person
The Private Room Deluxe


Enjoy your¬†private, bigger room with a king-size bed, and terrace with a swing sofa‚Äč entirely to yourself.

$7500 USD /person
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An Investment In Yourself.
**Payment Plans available. 

**Request in application

Email [email protected]¬†for further questions

60 Day Body Mind Transformation

ONLINE Program with Mike Chang

Become Healthy and Strong in Your Body and Mind in 60 Days.
Feel happy, peaceful, confident and have more energy and focus to achieve your goals.

Starts on August 3rd, 2024 


60 Day Body Mind Transformation

ONLINE Program with Mike Chang

Become Healthy and Strong in Your Body and Mind in 60 Days.
Feel happy, peaceful, confident and have more energy and focus to achieve your goals.

Starts on February 24th, 2024 


Stories from our past Retreat participants...


Mark Flow60 Retreat Bali 2023

Shanti Flow60 Retreat Bali 2023

 Florian Flow60 Retreat Bali 2023

On Instagram...

...in Person...

"Mike and Natalia, Thank you so much for this once in a lifetime experience. I have no words to express my gratitude to you and the team. Thank you for opening your hearts and home for us. Lots of Love"

Nashmita Bali Flow60 Retreat 2023

"This Flow60 Retreat has been the best week of my life - a phrase I've heard multiple times already and can agree for my experience. Thank you so much Mike, Natalia and the Team!! Much Love"

Zach Bali Flow60 Retreat 2023


"Merci Beaucoup for this profound and life-changing experience that will stay in my heart. Much Love + Flow"


Alexandre Bali Flow60 Retreat 2023

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Is this retreat open to all ages and fitness levels?
This retreat is designed for all fitness levels and people of all ages. The movement practices are simple to learn and can be modified towards any fitness level, even if you haven't worked out in a long time.
All ages are welcome to join. The retreat price for children is reduced if staying in our private room option with a full-paying person (10 yrs old or younger: $600, 10 - 16 yrs old: $900)

Can I share a room with a friend/partner?
Yes! In the application, you have the opportunity to list the person(s) that will be attending the retreat with you and request a room together.  Each person need to submit their own application.

Is this Retreat hosted by Mike Chang?
Yes, Mike will be your main facilitator through out the entire retreat.……

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, depending on how far we are from the retreat date. The minimum deposit is $500.  Please get in touch to find out the options.

Is there exercise on this retreat?
Yes, however please note that there is no minimum fitness requirement needed to join this retreat. during each day, do your best to join into the practices and if you need to take a day off, feel free to take as much time as you would like to relax and recharge. 

Are flights included?
No, flights are not included. You are responsible for making your way to the retreat destination. Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport is the airport to arrive to, and we will pass on airport transfer recommendations with our trusted drivers.

When should I arrive to Bali and when is the check in/check out dates and time?

The exact dates will be published really soon. It's recommended to arrive a day or 2 before the retreat starts so you can overcome jet lag, catch up on sleep, and be totally fresh on the first day of the retreat. After you secured your retreat tickets, if you need some help with this, let us know. 

Do I need travel insurance for this retreat?
Yes, valid travel insurance for your trip to Bali and all experiences is a requirement to attend. Here are some options: worldnomads.com; safetywing.com; allianztravelinsurance.com

Is there free time at the retreat?
All sessions will be optional meaning you will have the ability to choose between your timetable workshops and masterclasses or take free time for yourself.

Do I need a Vaccine to enter Bali?
Travelers arriving in Indonesia no longer need to be vaccinated against Covid-19, but some airlines might have different regulations. Please, check the newest regulations with your airlines.

Is drinking/alcohol allowed?
This is a training and personal growth retreat therefore we do not allow drinking during the retreat program.

What is your refund policy? 
Please click here to read our terms & conditions.


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See you in Bali for an unforgettable experience.