Unlock Your Inner Power: Clear blockages and become your best self. 

Exclusive workshop experiences in Austin, Tulum, Bali and Berlin
lead by Mike Chang personally.


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Unlock Your Inner Power: Clear blockages and become your best self. 

Exclusive workshop experiences around North America and Europe lead by Mike Chang personally. 



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How This Workshop Inspires Positive Changes in Your Life

Your benefits from a day with Mike Chang

Release trapped emotions

  • Learn the 4 steps of how to release trapped emotions in the body and experience more inner peace and connection to yourself.

Increase energy levels

  • Learn morning and evening routines to increase and maintain higher energy levels in the body through the day

Rid of body pains and tightness

  • Discover tools to release tightness in the body, and become more relaxed and centered.  

Mental clarity and alertness

  • Increase your attention span, focus and concentration power to accomplish goals faster and overcome life distractions. 

Strength, Endurance, Flexibility

  • Improve all areas of your physical body and feel strong and healthy. 

Connect to your inner power

  • Gain more confidence, self belief, and trust that you have what it takes to create your life to be better than you can ever imagine. 
Find Your In-Person Workshop Location

Your path to transformation and personal growth

Experience what it’s like to break free from your limitations and embrace new possibilities

This event is more than just a workshop: it’s a journey to your true self and your fullest potential. Under the guidance of Mike Chang and surrounded by like-minded people, you will learn how to release your physical and mental blockages, shed the layer of the self that no longer serves you, and embrace new empowering beliefs and techniques to create the life of your dreams.

Find Your In-Person Workshop Location

What you will learn - The 5 training methods of the Flow 60 training method

Explore the transformative power of Flow60: Experience profound relaxation, clear your mind, conquer fears, release blockages, boost your energy, and sharpen your focus to pursue your goals with unwavering determination.

Tap massage:

Tapping can revitalize your energy, boost blood circulation, activate the lymphatic system, and strengthen your body's natural defenses


Strengthen your physique with dynamic full-body movements while cultivating inner peace amidst challenging moves/exercises


Calming the nervous system, releasing pain and tension, increase body awareness, all while becoming more flexible


Discover the power of your breath. Learn specialized breathing modalities that help release trapped emotions and unblock your energies. Reduce stress and bring calmness into your mind


Enter a meditative state and gain mastery over your mind and body.  Reconnect deep within the depths of your inner self

Upcoming Workshop destinations

BALI - Indonesia
1 Day Workshop - $350

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TULUM - Mexico
4 Days Workshop - $997

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June 30th, 2024

1 Day Workshop - $350

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July 21st, 2024
BERLIN - Germany

1 Day Workshop - $350

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July 27th, 2024
ZURICH - Switzerland

1 Day Workshop - $350

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Meet Mike Chang

Learn from one of the most innovative, transformation teachers of today that has touched the lives of millions

Mike Chang is a mentor, spiritual teacher, fitness coach, and entrepreneur who’s been a beacon of transformation in the health and wellness space for over 14 years. Known as one of the pioneers of fitness on YouTube, his own personal growth journey has led him to merge the body, mind, and emotions together into one holistic approach called Flow60. 

His profound wisdom of over 30 years in training has allowed the Flow60 training method to be simple enough for a person of any age or fitness level to benefit from while still having the ability to challenge the fitness elite. Because of this, Mike’s teachings and training philosophy have touched the lives of millions, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

As a mentor, Mike Chang embodies compassion and insight, guiding his students to unlock their true potential and embrace their authentic selves. His teachings transcend the conventional, offering profound insights into the interconnectedness of mind, body, and emotion.

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