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The Healing Power of Tap Massage for the body, mind, and emotions

Nov 21, 2022

Tap massage is an ancient method of increasing health and vitality by tapping on the physical body, using the hands. This increases blood circulation and energy to all organs and activates the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body. Tapping the body stimulates the nervous system, increasing the ability to handle physical impact as well as increasing resiliency to physical stress.


Tap massage breaks down areas of tension and tightness so the body can become more relaxed and loose.

The advantage of tap massage over other forms of exercise or healing modalities is that it allows any person to target any area of the body simply by tapping it which requires no experience or unique skill set. A person of any age or fitness level can begin practicing top massage and experience the benefits right away. This is especially useful for those with physical disabilities, like being in a wheelchair or bed. 

Also, because tap massage can be done to oneself without depending on someone else, it does not cost any money to do, there are no appointments to make, and you can do it anytime, anywhere. 

Top massage creates vibrations throughout the body which decrease the body's density level, allowing the body to support a higher energetics frequency which in turn supports a higher level of consciousness.

The body is the energetic container for energy. Therefore, when our body is less dense, higher frequencies of energy can circulate through the body, which affects your mind by an increase in awareness and presence.

Tap massage also increases the speed of recovery by removing lactic acid and cellular waste trapped inside the body. Similar to the effects of getting a deep tissue massage, by removing lactic acid and toxins from the body, the body can recover faster. 


Tap Massage makes up for 40 of the 60 moves in the Flow60 training system.

Flow 60 is a training system that transforms the body and mind and emotions simultaneously all within one 60-minute practice, consisting of 60 moves. Out of the 60 moves, tap massage makes up for the first 40 exercises because of its capability to activate the body’s entire energetic system, and increase one’s total well-being and health levels. 

Flow60 trains the physical body by increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility while reconditioning the body’s natural ability to relax and become calm. It develops one’s emotions by increasing a person's ability to feel and connect to their body so they can release trapped emotions. This training system also creates a heightened state of stillness and presence in the mind. 


There are 4 parts in the flow60 practice and part 1 is tap massage. 

In the flow 60 practice, tap massage is done in rhythm with one’s breathing, creating a synchronistic effect that opens up the circulation of all energy channels and blood, more effectively than either one done by itself. This allows this method of training to be one of the simplest and fastest ways to activate a person’s energy level. 

Would you like to learn more about how Flow60 can help you transform your body, mind, and emotions?

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