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The transformational power of Flow60 on the body, mind, and emotions

Nov 21, 2022

Flow60 is the first workout system that develops the physical body, the mind, and emotions at the same time within one practice session.

This is possible because our mind, body, and emotions are directly connected, and in reality, are a reflection of each other. Most workouts focus on training just the physical body with very little attention given to creating a healthier state of mind or emotions beyond creating mental discipline for the sake of being consistent with exercising and nutrition itself. 

Flow 60 combines 5 different training methods into one cohesive 60-minute practice

Flow 60 combines 5 different training methods into one cohesive 60-minute practice that cultivates all levels of a person's state of being. These 5 methods are tap massage, strength training, stretching, breath work, and meditation. These 5 training methods create the 60 moves in the flow60 workout. There are also 7 training principles with the acronym B.R.E.A.T.H.E. that is applied throughout the entire workout. Each of these 7 training principles contributes differently towards training the body, mind, and emotions and when combined all at once, creates a synchronistic balance for total well-being. 


What effects does the Flow60 practice have on the physical body? 

Physical body: The Flow60 practice develops muscle, endurance, and flexibility while re-training a person's nervous system to become calm and relaxed. And in doing so, a person can come back into a state of centeredness and balance improving all aspects of physical health. The Flow60 practice also increases circulation and the flow of energy throughout the entire body, including the sense organs like the eyes, ears, tongue, mouth, and nose. These areas, just like the rest of the body, need self-care on a regular basis to retain their strength and vitality. 


What effects does the Flow60 practice have on the mind? 

State of Mind: a healthy state of mind consists of having positive thoughts that support the quality of one’s life along with having mental rest where the mind is completely in silence on a regular basis to maintain one’s clarity, focus, creativity, and inner peace. If a person’s mind does not cultivate both of these characteristics, their mind becomes the cause of much pain and suffering. While most people who work on developing their mind focuses on filling their Mind With more knowledge, most neglect the need for mental stillness and therefore lose the ability to experience the present moment of their life and observe what is actually happening, instead of a mental construct or idea about what’s happening. A busy mind also prevents a person from being able to physically relax. 

The Flow60 practice is a movement meditation where all 60 moves are done in a meditative state to train one’s mind to be still, develop the ability to control one’s attention, and create new thought patterns and behaviors that are beneficial in life. 


What effects does the Flow60 practice have on a person’s emotions? 

Emotions: The Flow60 practice retrains a person’s body to relax and release trapped emotions within by reconditioning the natural state from being tense and stressed to calm and relaxed.  By doing so, a person begins to feel the underlying emotions inside the body and therefore starts the process of releasing.  Each of the seven training principles helps connect a person's attention deeper within their body so they can increase their awareness of the subtle vibrations inside, which is the energy that circulates within the body. Doing so, creates a chain reaction in one’s sense of self, eliminating fear and self-doubt while activating one’s natural authentic self and confidence. 

Feel the immediate effects of an increase in energy, mental clarity, and calmness in just one practice. 

The benefit of the Flow60 practice can be experienced immediately at the end of the 60 minutes. Just like any other skill set, mastering the ability to transform the body, mind, and emotions by using this workout takes practice. However, this training system was specifically designed for anyone to do without any prior experience or fitness level and has immediate benefits upon finishing one 60-minute workout. Shorter Flow60 workouts like 7 minutes have been known to create positive changes in people’s energy levels, mood, and overall health.

Would you like to learn more about how Flow60 can help you transform your body, mind, and emotions?

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